Book: Desert Journey

It’s here!

My short story is fresh from the press.  To say I’m thrilled is an understatement. I am beyond thrilled. Even though this short story is intended mostly for women, it applies to everyone. We have all faced the challenges of dealing with disappointments, hardships, the everyday ups and downs. It’s a rough road to walk on, but there is more to the journey of life that we could ever know, as we learn and grow from every experience in life.

This short story is divided in 7 days. Be part of this 7 day journey, and let’s see where it takes you!

Book Cover

Sharing an excerpt


To all the women in the world, may we be strong and shine everyday of our lives!


Tell me, what are you trying to heal? The loss of a loved one, the end of a relationship, a torn friendship, betrayal, disappointment, life struggles? The list can go on and on. We have all been there, but what have we done to heal? The journey to healing is unique to each person. It is my utmost desire that by reading the pages of this short story a glimpse of a new journey might be sparked to life. Your new journey…

This journey is divided into seven days, and I humbly recommend that you read each part for the following seven days, to give you time to embrace and process what you have read. I encourage you to have a journal nearby, listen to a soothing song, light a few candles, burn incense. If you practice meditation, it would be a great way to prepare yourself for this journey. Set an ambiance that brings peace to you; as you start walking through this desert journey, oh brave one!

Copyright © 2015 Jo-Ann M. Rodríguez
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 1492205036
ISBN-13: 978-1492205036

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Book: The Leaf

In 2009 I published my first book: The Leaf. I have been working on a couple of other projects: a Spanish novel and a motivational short story.


About The Leaf

In the beautiful land of Bellager a young boy named David shares a passion for leaf collecting. During his childhood years his grandfather Edward shares an interesting set of stories about Bellager’s history. While many believe the stories are created by Edward’s great imagination, Edward believes them as true.As David grows into a young man, an unexpected enemy rises from the past. Evil forces invade the once peaceful land. David and his dear friends: Jonathan, Peter and Grace go on a questin search for a miraculous leaf and the Great Tree of Wisdom that his grandfather had mentioned in his stories. It is this unique leaf that gives the people the hope of restoring peace in Bellager

Available on Amazon


With regards,

Jo-Ann M Rodriguez

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