Honoring my Grandmother Maria Luisa Colón

Who was this amazing woman I was honored to call my grandmother?

Maria Luisa Colón

Well, let’s start by saying that she had 15 children (that’s right, it’s not a typo). To see how dedicated and how strong she was as a mother and as a woman was more than enough to cherish her. And how lucky am I that one of her own would later become my father.

My grandmother, Maria Luisa Colón was born in Puerto Rico on 1928. A time when raising a family was a group effort and everyone in the family held a hand to put food on the table each day. It was a time of great sacrifices, but also of many blessings; because this was the time when my grandmother was called to do energy healing work.

Let’s fast forward many years, I was born in Puerto Rico and my parents decided to move to the US to save some money and return to the island and build a home. And that’s exactly what they did. We moved back to Puerto Rico when I was 9, and I was forever changed by the experiences and wonderful memories of my grandmother.

I remember how curious I was whenever someone would walk into her home to ask for healing. Some people would have an injury due to a fall, maybe a stomachache, or a pulled muscle. One time I saw a pregnant woman asking my grandmother to help position her baby for birth. I saw how my grandmother would place her hands over the sick area of the body, pray and rub a mild layer of oil over the skin. She would then end each healing session with a secret prayer.

On one occasion; I was probably a teenager by then, I asked her how did all begin, how did she know she was meant to be a healer. She then told me that it all started with a dream where she was guided to become a healer. She started by following her intuition whenever one of her children got sick, she would position her hands over thier bodies and pray. As time passed by, the community started to hear stories about my grandmother and in time she was known as a local healer. One thing for sure is that my grandmother never claimed to heal on her own, she made it clear that she was serving a higher power; that she was God’s instrument.

My grandmother passed away on September 12, 2008. But her legacy is well known in the mountains of Puerto Rico, where she lived.

A few years ago I was walking around at a bookstore when I noticed a book with an image of two hands over a body in a pose of healing that reminded me of my grandmother. I took the book without really knowing what it was all about and I bought it. Below is a picture of the book.

I had no idea what Reiki was at that moment. Once I read the book and realized that Reiki is a form of energy healing I was drawn to learn more, and soon after I was searching for a Reiki Master in the DC area to start my own journey as a healer. I found an amazing Spiritual Teacher that guided me each step for me to become a Reiki Master. It’s been such a wonderful journey!

For more information on Reiki go to: http://www.reiki.org/FAQ/FAQHomepage.html

May my Grandmothers’ legacy of healing continue!

In honor of Maria Luisa Colón (1928-2008)

With Love and Light,



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